Life's Freakishness

Take time to stop and think, for it is in the little things that we see meanings that are larger than life itself.

Natarki: A Solo Art Exhibit by Jaime Cornelio M. Jimena II

Traditional art brings luster to the mundane way of life. The mixture of mediums paved way to more diverse directions. The many variety of faces, the uniqueness of their colors, … Continue reading

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The Brightest Light in The Darkest Sky

Fingers painful from being exposed to the bitter cold long enough, underneath one of the darkest skies in America that is Great Basin National Park, didn’t stop me from capturing the … Continue reading

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When The Stars Gazed At Me

On a cold April night, up the mountain, I didn’t have to pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting starsĀ (Airplanes B.O.B., Ft. Hayley Williams & Eminem). I … Continue reading

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Ironic Paradox

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a yes for a change. A huge resounding no (Chaucer from A Knight’s Tale) was recently all I heard as I was asking the … Continue reading

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Watching Over Me

You came to visit, to see how I was I’m all grown up now, look what I’ve become No longer the little baby Who cried every single time I still … Continue reading

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Stranger at My Door

Dark clouds dominate the night Lightning pierced the sky with blinding light The weather outside was stormy Inside my house was very gloomy He said he’ll see me, he had … Continue reading

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The Flame

I gaze at the candlelight Dancing flame, hypnotize me Illuminating at midnight It’s all you I can see In the dead of the night Nobody’s in sight In the stillness … Continue reading

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In Tenebris

Dear Lord Jesus, Somebody showed up in my dreams tonight He did not scare me, he seemed all right Like a human with tattered, billowy cloak He was staring at … Continue reading

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Magic in the Mundane

I looked across the lawn from the balcony, getting accustomed to my new surroundings. Hearing the chirping of birds is a dramatic contrast from the loud greeting of “Oye! Que … Continue reading

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Ode to the Scarlet Orb

Moon, oh how you shine in the sky Telling me you should learn to fly And then I asked you why, why You’ll never know until you try Silently, I … Continue reading

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